Positive outcomes, enrichment and simple good fun are some of our core objectives at MASC.

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We love being creative. 

Using our hands and our imaginations are important tools that grow confidence, empower individuals and encourage social connections. Creativity is linked to improved mood, self esteem and is a great skill to take into the wider world of education and employment. 

There are always arts and crafts supplies, cooking, and outdoor activities available at the Saturday club. 

We also encourage our young people to take an active role in planning and designing our calendar of events, promoting a person-centered environment.

Parties and Celebrations


Any excuse to celebrate.

We make sure that our members are celebrated and provide regular party days in line with seasonal events, from New year all the way through to Christmas we love getting excited and encourage our young people to participate as much as they want to. 


Getting out and about on an adventure is a regular occurrence for our Saturday club. 

Whether it's a summertime trip for a picnic, a shopping excursion to Exeter or a fun-packed day at the beach or Crealy we make sure that there are trips catered to everyone and know how important it is to gain new experiences in different places. 

We encourage transport as a group by bus or train enabling our young people to develop travel skills and confidence. 

Join us


Would you like to come and join our fantastic team as a volunteer or get involved with some of our events? Use our contact page, we'd love to hear from you.