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Trip to B&M and McDonalds

For this Saturday Club session, we took a trip on bus to B&M and McDonalds which helped with life skills, independence and decision making. When we went into B&M, we walked around looking at all the different sweets and games.

We walked to McDonalds, whilst in McDonalds we talked about some of the things we brought and the food we decided to order, our McDonalds Monopoly stickers and our planned for what we wanted to do when we got back. Everyone was happy and the conversations were flowing throughout.

After we finished in McDonalds it was time to head back to the bus stop and wait with our tickets for the bus, travelling down the hill on the bus to college the young people were full of laughter and conversations.

When everyone was back in college and finally warmed up, we played card games and some of the young people did some drawing and colouring, whilst we played UNO we planned the visit to Exeter on the bus for the next session. When we finished planning the next session a young person showed everyone his art skills and everyone chatted about things they did during the week and what we were going to do over the rest of the weekend.

Here are some comments made by young people about this week’s session

“I was a very good trip, it was nice to do something out of the ordinarily”- Patrick

“Today’s session was really good, I liked going to B&M and picking out and buying my things independently”- Rowan

“My favourite part of the session was going to McDonalds, it was a good treat to order and eat what I wanted to” – Amy G

“I really liked how everyone joined in with the different conversations we all had in McDonalds”- Amelia

I think as I am writing this post, it is safe to say that everyone is looking forward to the Exeter trip next time.

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