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Hot Chocolates and Easter Weekend Fun.

On Saturday, it was a fun-packed, busy day as there were lots of different activities going on through-out the day. The morning consisted of the girls preparing the big Easter layered cake and hiding the eggs for our egg hunt later on in the afternoon.

In morrisons we were on another mission to get everyone’s choice of lunch and the rest of the ingredients for the chocolate goodies we planned to make. So, one by one we ticked off each ingredient, getting more and more excited. It was a cold walk back to PETROC. Never the less we had high spirits through-out.

Everyone sat down for their lunches, conversions were flowing about their Bank Holiday Weekend and Easter break plans. Once lunch was had, the cake needed finishing and the Rice Krispy cakes needed making and moulding, whilst the girls mixed the colourful cake batters and made the butter icing, the boys were searching for brightly coloured eggs and trying to find clues.

All the eggs were found, and all the hidden chocolates were eaten by everyone.

Then, once the cake had been iced and decorated. Hot chocolates were being warmed up. Everyone had a hot chocolate with all the trimming, whipped cream, mini pink and white marshmallows and powdered chocolate.

Everyone was drinking their hot chocolates and talking about their college and school terms and laughing, joking and colouring.

Everyone had a good time and they couldn’t wait for next time with the hopes that the weather will be warmer!

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