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Plenty of Pancakes!

Plenty of Pancakes!

At Saturday club this week we decided to put our own flip on Pancake Day. As we whisked and flipped our way through the afternoon.

There were so many delicious toppings which included the classic lemon and sugar, the clubs favourite topping, syrup and the chocolatey option of Nutella.The day started with our usual morning trip to Morrisons, we were on a mission to get all of our ingredients and get back and make them. The rest of the morning was spent playing UNO. Multiple times.

After lunch was had by all of us, the fun really began. We poured and mixed the ingredients for the pancakes. As we waited for our pancakes to be flipped, we discussed what we were going to put on them. We even tried vegan pancakes. Everyone preferred the classic kind though.

As the young people poured and squirted their toppings on their very own pancakes, some of the other young people were photographing theirs for our Instagram. After they had fun in kitchen it was back to the main room to play games and to have chats about their half terms and how much we didn’t want to go back to school. A good time was had by all.

The young people can’t wait until next time.

"We are so excited to launch the first blog post by one of our young people, Amelia. Thank you for writing, designing and putting everything into making this post an engaging and enriching read.

We are so lucky to have such talented young people within our group and can't wait to display more from them!"


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