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Exciting News!

Saturday was such a great day, I'm not sure we can fit all our news into one blog post but, you know, I'll try :-)

Firstly, we've been hinting for a little while about plans in progress and hard work going on at MASC HQ and I'm so pleased to announce that one of our biggest projects has got the go ahead! We made an application to the Bags of Help scheme through Tesco and the Groundworks charity with a new project idea and we are lucky enough to have been chosen to feature in the local stores.

Whenever you buy a bag at the checkouts whilst shopping at Tesco you'll be given a little token, this token can be placed in the box for a charity of your choice. The whole team at MASC are thrilled that we will be in the running to gain tokens which will award us some funding for our project.

The project itself took a lot of thought as there is so much we want to achieve over the next couple of years but our first priority (predictably) is food. We are hoping to create a bank of recipes, planned, designed and tested by our young people that we can eventually put into a lovely cookbook and distribute to those who are in need of simple, healthy, easy to follow meals that can be cooked almost anywhere. We are hoping to visit catering and hospitality establishments alongside researching and most importantly putting together some fantastic feasts. The skills and independence that this can offer young people everywhere is invaluable and I'm sure you'll all share our excitement in getting this project up and running.

We will be posting regularly on here and on our instagram so everyone can keep up to date with our progress.

The charity will be live in Tiverton Tesco stores from March 1st, keep your eyes peeled!

Phew! Onto other news...

The weather was not on our side on Saturday but never to be put off we held a group meeting, adapted our plans and decided that rather than going for lunch we would have a day in. We shopped, cooked and played games, we welcomed some new faces and we had a lot of fun.

One of our favourite things to cook on a rainy (or any) day is our tried and tested pastry parcels, the very talented Amelia is going to write up a recipe for this to post later in the week as her first post, we'll be seeing a lot more activity on here and instagram from our young people as we hand over the reins and enjoy their talents!

The afternoon saw more game playing, Uno is a real hit at Saturday club, the competition can go on for hours! And the young people got involved with a rough plan for the coming year.

Thank you, as ever, for your support and all the smiles :-)

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