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Happy New Year!

It's back to school, college and work for most of us today and I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing the weather could be a bit more on side!

Hoping everybody had a beautiful and relaxing time over the last couple of weeks, we're straight back to the January grindstone making plans for 2018; thinking up new and exciting ways to build opportunities for our young people. I've been busy researching and making friends with other charities and organisations which we hope to be able to make the most of over the coming year, also planning some amazing projects that will enable us to make an impact on the wider community... watch this space!

What we're really keen to improve on however, is YOU, we want to feature the voices and experiences of our young people more on the blog, the instagram and the site in general, without you there'd be no MASC and we love hearing your views and stories. We can only grow and get better by listening and working together. One of the greatest things about MASC is how we encourage a person-led environment, we make plans and think up projects but the real driving force of it all is our young peoples reactions and involvement. During our upcoming Saturday club sessions we'll be seeking out opinions and ideas and making it our mission to put them all into practice. Anyone who wants to write something or feature a photograph is more than welcome, I can't wait to hear about it!

Tiverton as a whole seems to be embracing the New Years opportunities for growth and expansion with lots of fun and community projects planned for the coming months. We're really looking forward to joining in and helping to make the town a brighter place.

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