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It's Christmas in Tiverton!

Saturday really did feel like Christmas at masc, it was such a lovely day!

We enjoyed games, movies and the most incredible meal, planned, prepped and cooked entirely by our lovely young people.

Visitors were welcomed, it was great to see some old faces and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

No Christmas day would be complete without watching Elf so after lunch we all sat down to watch the movie on the big screen in the main room. A lot of us were predictably and typically very full up, thank goodness for the old tradition of movies after lunch!

One of our young people celebrated her birthday alongside the Christmas fun, which gave even more excuse for amazing cake to be consumed!

Thank you as always to all the staff, volunteers and especially our amazing group of young people who made the day super special and unforgettable. There are lots and lots of photos from the day which are now up in our new and improved gallery on the main website, have a look through :-)

Unbelievably that was our last session of the year... we'll be keeping super busy behind the scenes with big plans and exciting news to be released in 2018 but wishing all our lovely young people, their families and our followers a very very happy Christmas break. The year has gone so quickly, and we have achieved so much. I'm really really looking forward to next year and keeping up the positive momentum that we have built over the last few years.

We will be putting together some blog posts which center around the area and what it has to offer, what our version of 2017 was like and also some words from our young people, past and present. If you would like to contribute anything to our blog, website or group please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

For now, wrap up warm and have a lovely week!


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