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Busy Saturday!

We had a really busy day yesterday at MASC, the board and trustee's met in the morning for our AGM; thank you to everyone who joined us and helped make the meeting a really positive success, the year ahead is going to be full of excitement and prosperity.

Unfortunately our kitchen was out of use due to a technical fault but we made the best of our budgeting skills and enjoyed an indoor picnic, the kitchen will be up and running again in time for the next session but more importantly; in time for Christmas dinner!

Christmas has crept up on us in Tiverton and we now only have 2 sessions until the big event. Everybody came together to write a shopping list and share the festive feelings. Now we've planted those Christmas seeds I can't stop thinking about it! The Christmas party day is always a lot of fun and we're lucky enough to welcome some new members in time to join the celebrations.

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